Year 12 economics china case study

We live under an economic system based on perpetual growth, an infinite expansion on an increasingly crowded and finite world. The bibliography of sources for this article is almost as long as the article itself, so I chose not to publish it.

Year 12 economics china case study

This case study consists of students choosing a country and studying the key aspects in which make up that economy. This individualised case study is usually but not specifically limited to countries such as China, India or even Jamaica.

A student has the choice of country though in general students will follow a schools advice as to which one is chosen to study in class. This intense study of the specific country is aimed at allowing students to gain a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge upon the global economy.

The case study allows for students to fully appreciate how Australia fits into the business cycle through the other chosen economy. Furthermore, it allows students to gain an appreciation for the business cycle and the full effects of the business cycle on the global economy.

Students will be able to reflect on how a decision made by a certain economy can affect another country interconnected with it.

Year 12 economics china case study

For example if Australia choose to raise its prices for commodities this would result in China reducing its purchases from Australia and therefore affecting the overall links between economies.

Thus, when students begin this case study they must consider specific details and overall policy choices of the economy.

Background Note

Specifically, this can be seen through for instance a student who studies China as their case study would have to be aware of major policies in which has begun the process of globalisation. Such policy would include the Open the door policy in which was a discretionary policy to allow external forces to gradually be allowed into the market.

The case study in turn focuses on students being aware of both the economic development and growth of the chosen country in relation to the global economy.

Specifically in relation to economic growth this relates to students being aware that with the newly introduced economies are striving towards globalisation.

This striving must have resulted from some policy change in the economy and this is what the key focus on the case study will be based on.

In a cyclical sense students should be concerned with how the economy has come to become a country, which embraces the concept of globalisation as well as aims to perpetuate it in the global economy. In addition students will also focus on the ability of countries to gain a considerable advantage from switching to a country in which is focussed on the concept of globalisation.

These advantages include students being able to identify that a comparative advantage will be held by those economies in which engage in a more competitive trading framework. This will result from students being able to interrelate concepts such as comparative advantage as well as productive capacity.

Luxury Goods & China: A Case Study

Another key advantage includes a countries ability to have an increased level of product exposure as well as cheaper inputs and cheaper overall products. Contrastingly, students must also engage with the concept of how their chosen economy engages with economic development in relation to globalisation.

This is completed through numerous ways and a key focus in this sense is based on students study of the economy. Students in the economics case study must have an overall strong understanding of how globalisation works in their chosen economy.1 Lack of Chinese Approval for Import of U.S.

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Agricultural Products Containing Agrisure Viptera™ MIR A Case Study on Economic Impacts in Marketing Year /14 Author: Max Fisher, Director of Economics and Government Relations.

The case describes Xiaomi’s IPO application in , which sheds light on the company’s finances and indicates a rebound from declining sales two years ago to a period of strong international growth.

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Year 12 economics china case study

China. incomes, an aging population, greater access to healthcare and regulatory Increasing price pressure and slowing economic growth, however, will impede sales in the near-term. Moreover, a number of serious regulatory within 2 to 3 years.

Since then, China has rolled out a series of reforms and programs to. (APPLE INC., ) Page 12 of 29 Marketing Management Apple Inc. Case Study Social factors The Company’s business requires it to use and store customer, employee, and business partner personally identifiable information (―PII‖).

Year Economics. Learn Economics more efficiently with Atomi. 73 10h 35m. The key to success in Economics is combining theory with contextual examples, but it's hard to do that when you're overloaded with information. In these videos, we break the four topics down to highlight the exact points and examples you'll need for your essays and. Macroeconomics Case Study: Chinese Macroeconomic Policy Position Paper1 zz Mai Seki2 zz Shingo Nakayama zz Yukako Suzuki February 2, term macro economic issues. It is conducted on a regular basis and China currently holds such discussion once a year. The case describes Xiaomi’s IPO application in , which sheds light on the company’s finances and indicates a rebound from declining sales two years ago to a period of strong international growth.

Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics Currency misalignment, page 3 major adjustment in the value of the Yuan which had called by the international community.

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