Use your five senses to write about autumn season

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Use your five senses to write about autumn season

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Meditation: Meditation helps to still your mind, opening you up and allowing you to tune into, and release your psychic abilities.

Taking you away from distractions such as ringing telephones, television, chatter, both inner and outer, enabling you to block out the day to day hustle and bustle. When you offer yourself the gift of meditation, you find that your mind and body begin to relax, and you will find yourself surrendering to the peace spontaneously as time in your sacred space becomes a ritual.

Meditation is a wonderful way to alleviate stress, relax muscles, clear the mind, and calm the nervous system.

Some people use it to alleviate pain, and it is especially useful for those whose days are high pressure, either on the home front, or in a working environment.

Many who suffer from headaches use meditation to relieve the pain, especially those whose headaches are caused by tension. Natural healers often recommend regular meditation for people who suffer from migraines, and anyone any age can benefit from regular meditation.

There are simple styles of meditation, and elaborate ones requiring specific rituals. There are many to choose from, adopt the one you feel most comfortable with, or you may like to try different ones, it all depends on the type of meditation experience you want.

You will feel the benefits of meditation mentally, physically, and spiritually, it is not unlike the quiet moments of daydreaming we all indulge in.

Meditation is something the individual will put their own stamp on, even when following the same instructions no two people meditate in the same way, or have the same results. In time you will find a style of meditation that works for you and you are comfortable with.

The time to meditate is the time that suits you. Some people love to meditate early in the morning, others prefer later in the evening when their home is quiet and still, others will choose a favourite time during the day.

Once you begin meditating, aim to continue knowing that the more you do it the easier it will be, in time it will become second nature.

You are aiming for the level of attention and absorption a child at play has, children become so enthralled with what they are involved in, they are unaware of what is taking place around them as they revel in their own world.

Before beginning any meditation you will find that ringing a small hand held bell creates a beautiful vibration, and signifies the beginning of your meditation.

use your five senses to write about autumn season

Buddhists often use bells when they meditate, a tinkling bell helps to balance our energies. When you meditate you are opening yourself up to cosmic energies, this is necessary while you are doing psychic work in order for you to be more receptive. However once the psychic work is complete it is necessary to close yourself off until the next time you meditate Silver light Meditation: Step into your sacred space and light your candle, oil burner, incense, and sit comfortably with your back straight, both feet flat on the ground, with hands placed palms up on your knees.

If you are sitting on a bed, or a cushion, stretch your legs out in front of you, placing your hands palms up on your legs. Close your eyes, relax, breath in deeply and exhale slowly, do this several times then resume your normal breathing, let your breathing become rhythmic.

In your sacred space time stands still and you learn to be in the moment, thinking of nothing but your gentle breathing in and out, and the sense of peace filling you.

use your five senses to write about autumn season

If your mind wonders, consciously bring yourself back into the moment and continue relaxing into your breathing, as the tension leaves your body and the spiritual energies heighten you will feel a little floaty. While sitting in your blissful state, visualise a silvery white light beginning at the base of your spine and flowing upwards, reaching your head and spilling out from the top of your head like sparkling stars soaring upwards into the universe.

Remain seated and allow yourself to be still for several minutes.

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When you open your eyes after meditating take notice of your senses. Take notice of whether you feel different, are your senses heightened, are colours appearing brighter as you look around, or is the candle flame appearing more intense? Is the scent of incense stronger, or the fragrance of essential oil more potent, are you more aware of the texture of your clothes and their feel against your skin?

Touch the cushion or chair you are sitting on with your fingertips, noticing if your touch is more sensitive. The five senses that are normally taken for granted, taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing, will be heightened after meditating, from here you are ready to begin your psychic work.

Open your eyes, clap your hands or ring your bell. You have now closed yourself off. When you are comfortable and settled, gaze at the flame of the candle, breathe deeply and let your breath become rhythmic, keep focusing on the candle in a relaxed manner.

Open your eyes again and focus on the candles flame for a few more minutes, then close your eyes and keep them closed. With your eyes closed and your breathing relaxed, visualise the candle at the base of your spine and the flame glowing and moving upwards, filling you with warmth and peace.“Reminds us that the best way to get to know a garden is through our senses.

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Don't expect to make it through many pages before you feel an urge to run outdoors to reintroduce yourself to your own landscape.” —Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista “I want to eat this book. Make a regular graph or a use masking tape to create a floor graph to show the colors of their favorites.

We also used tiny candy leaves (the ones you usually sprinkle on frosting) to make individual leaf graphs. Anyone wishing to develop their psychic powers can take some simple steps and learn to use their innate gifts.

We are born with psychic ability, some use it as naturally as breathing, some work to release it, within others it lays dormant, and some dismiss the idea completely. The packet also includes pocket chart cards for the 4 seasons, as well as 5 senses.

I also use these as "header cards" on my "Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt." Tweet Published in Getting to the Core. Tagged under. 4 seasons activities; 5 senses activities; writing prompts.

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