Meaning of life human 2 essay

What is the meaning of life? You are, in ultimate and practical terms, nothing more than a cockroach to be squashed. You can hardly accept this, I am sure.

Meaning of life human 2 essay

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The Meaning of Life - Essay

The following answers to this central philosophical question each win a random book. Do we serve a greater purpose beyond the pleasure or satisfaction we get from our daily activities — however mundane or heroic they may be?

This does not necessarily imply a selfish code of conduct. The external interpretation commonly makes the claim that there is a realm to which life leads after death. Our life on earth is evaluated by a supernatural being some call God, who will assign to us some reward or punishment after death.

The meaning of our life, its purpose and justification, is to fulfill the expectations of God, and then to receive our final reward.

But within the internal view of meaning, we can argue that meaning is best found in activities that benefit others, the community, or the Earth as a whole.

Meaning of life human 2 essay

An interesting way to contrast the internal and external views is to imagine walking through a beautiful landscape. In this case the meaning of your journey through the landscape is external to the experience of the landscape itself.

On the other hand, you may be intensely interested in what the landscape holds. It may be a forest, or it may contain farms, villages.

You may stop along the way, study, learn, converse, with little thought about why you are doing these things other than the pleasure they give you. You may stop to help someone who is sick: What then is the meaning of your journey? Is it satisfying or worthwhile only if you have satisfied an external purpose — only if it gets you somewhere else?

Why, indeed, cannot the satisfactions and pleasures of the landscape, and of your deeds, be enough? Greg Studen, Novelty, Ohio A problem with this question is that it is not clear what sort of answer is being looked for.

Next Question of the Month Jeremy Bentham The origins of utilitarianism can be traced back as far as Epicurusbut, as a school of thought, it is credited to Jeremy Bentham[67] who found that "nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure", then, from that moral insight, deriving the Rule of Utility: He defined the meaning of life as the " greatest happiness principle ".
Why do humans, of all physical living things, have the intellect, curiosity and self-awareness to study ourselves?
Meaning of life – Human Essay Example for Free Why do humans, of all physical living things, have the intellect, curiosity and self-awareness to study ourselves?
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There are any number of subjective answers to this question. Think of all the reasons why you are glad you are alive assuming you areand there is the meaning of your life. Some have attempted to answer this question in a more objective way: It seems reasonable to say that some ways of living are not conducive to human flourishing.

However, I am not convinced that there is one right way to live. To suggest that there is demonstrates not so much arrogance as a lack of imagination.

It is a matter of debate whether this would make life a thing of greater value or turn us into the equivalent of rats in a laboratory experiment. The idea that life needs no external justification has been described movingly by Richard Taylor. It would be wrong, however, to conclude that life is meaningless.

Meaning of life human 2 essay

Life is meaningful to humans, therefore it has meaning. Current consideration of the good demands a recognition of the survival crises which confront mankind. The threats of nuclear war, environmental poisoning and other possible disasters make it necessary for us to get it right.

Besides, if nothing is absolute, but things have value only relative to other things, how do we get a consensus on the best or the worst? What makes your social mores superior to mine — and why should I not seek to destroy your way? We must also reject any hermit, monastic, sect or other loner criteria for the good life.

Isolation will not lead to any long-term harmony or peace in the Global Village. However, we must know this as an experiential reality. There is life-changing power in putting oneself in the place of the other person and feeling for and with them.

We call this feeling empathy. Persons who concentrate on empathy should develop emotional intelligence. When intellectual intelligence does not stand in the way of this kind of personal growth, but contributes to it, we can call this balance maturity. Mind, consciousness, words and what they signify, are thus the focus for the answer to the question.

What seems inescapable is that there is no meaning associated with life other than that acquired by our consciousness, inherited via genes, developed and given content through memes units of culture. The meanings we believe life to have are then culturally and individually diverse.

They may be imposed through hegemony; religious or secular, benign or malign; or identified through deliberate choice, where this is available.

The range is vast and diverse; from straightforward to highly complex. Meaning for one person may entail supporting a football team; for another, climbing higher and higher mountains; for another, being a parent; for another, being moved by music, poetry, literature, dance or painting; for another the pursuit of truth through philosophy; for another through religious devotions, etc.Nov 19,  · For some, life without meaning is equivalent to death, that is if life has no meaning, why bother living when eventually, you know you are going to die?

Over the years, philosophers have been preoccupied with finding an answer to the meaning of life. The question of the meaning of life may be asked in many ways, such as Why are we here? or Does my life have a purpose?

The Bible shows that our purpose in life is to build a friendship with God.

The meaning of life, Will Durant, and New Philosopher: an essay

What is a human being really? Why do we alone among all physical living things possess the intellect to study ourselves? Why do we have unique abilities to think, plan and carry out plans?

The meaning of life, or the answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?", Life or human existence has no real meaning or purpose because human existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose.

The Meaning of Human Life Words | 2 Pages. The Meaning of Life What gives human life meaning is different for every individual.

Some believe the meaning of life is found in love, and the bonds forged throughout one's adolescence as well as adulthood. I can truly connect with your essay man. I am myself a constant searcher of meaning, and Albert Camus I beliece once said that human is a meaning-making machine trapped in a meaningless universe.

Human – Meaning of life Essay Example for Free