Managing ethically

This article is provided by the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The foundation, which promotes ethics and good governance in Africa and recognises excellence in African leadership, was unable to select a suitable laureate from the democratically elected former heads of state who met the requirements for the prize. Corruption, apparently, remains alive and well in Africa.

Managing ethically

Installed with production casing and cemented in the well, fiber optic provides real-time Managing ethically data during well completion and offers long-time surveillance benefits throughout the life of a well. Collaboration by multiple teams from different functions was key to applying the technology in deep, complex wells measuring more than 14, feet in length.

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The payoff is in improved key business decisions in an aggressive, cost-conscious drilling and completions program — leading to more effective completion practices, improved well integrity, and increased long-term production from our unconventional assets.

The ROC churns input from refinery operators who use handheld devices to collect and analyze equipment surveillance data, helping to confirm that everything is working properly. Using real-time data via a SCADA system supervisory control and data acquisitioncontrollers provide around-the-clock remote monitoring and control of pipeline transportation operations.

New technological developments in thermal imaging cameras and the application of real-time transient models to existing pipeline systems have broadened leak detection capabilities.

Managing ethically

Intense training and strong operational discipline ensures that the control center delivers on its responsibility to quickly mitigate any abnormal operating condition and support safe and reliable pipeline operations.

At Chevron, we employ thousands of technologists, but membership in the Chevron Fellows is reserved for those whose contributions are best described as visionary.

Evidence in practice and working ethically

Through the Mentoring Excellence in Technology program, the Fellows help to prepare the next generation of technical specialists at Chevron. Today, there are about 30 active Fellows working within the company.

This group of experts works across various disciplines, but each uses the power of technology to face new challenges and pursue innovations in the energy industry. Our technology strengthens this commitment.


Creating a center to monitor our complex wells enhances our focus on safe, environmentally responsible performance. Other automated monitoring operations will ensure that our large equipment runs safely and presents no environmental risk, whether the facility is an oil rig or a refinery.

And by using fiber-optics technology to improve our cementing and completion practices and well integrity, we add another level of safety and environmentally sound drilling practices to our shale and other unconventional asset operations.

Today, automation is optimizing what we do across our operations. This trend will continue to support our base business, new assets and new projects.Ethical companies benefit from a reputable brand, loyal customers, and a stronger bottom line.

This ethical leadership video will help your managers and supervisors behave ethically themselves and promote a culture of integrity among all their subordinates. Managing Business Ethics takes the view that ethical and unethical conduct are primarily the product of how systems align within an organization to promote certain kinds of behavior.

The authors start from the assumption that most people wish to behave ethically. Charity Bank is an ethical bank: what drives us isn't profits but a shared idea about the world we want to live in. Although it may have become rather hackneyed, this is not an unreasonable approach to managing change in your life.

Accepting the Things That You Can’t Change. Learn how to recognise your own and others’ emotions, as well as some ideas about how to manage your emotions and use them in making decisions.

Managing ethically

Big rewards are available for hackers who can spot when websites have got their coding wrong.

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