Hp in singapore

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Hp in singapore

Each person must really make their own choice on what to collect but here are a few ideas for your consideration: One of Each Series This is for the collector more interested in the packaging and underlying technology of calculators than the exact function set.

All The "Early" Models Simply start from the beginning and work forward to the point of your choice. Many collectors find the earlier models more interesting because some later models are repackaging of earlier functionality.

Some collectors avoid LCD models since they are newer and in theory have a more limited life. On the other hand some collect only handhelds because they're more obtainable, take less room to store or were meant for individuals rather than organizations.

There are some crossover products, so to be complete both handheld-only and desktop-only collections should include the HPHP and HPS.

The HP is purely a handheld even though its software was developed on another computer. Note too, that most collectors consider the 90 series to be handhelds even though they're rarely used that way.

Hp in singapore

The Models That Made History If you want to collect just the most "significant" models, here are some you should have: HP A first of all, first programmable, first card reader, first multi-line display, first expandable Cheap but high effort: Try the 2nd hand stores, surplus electronics stores, flea markets in your area.

Check the paper for government, university and business liquidation sales. An entire pallet or auction-lot may cost you less than a collector would pay for just one calculator. Some people have reported good luck and good prices at hamfests and even garage sales. Classified ads in newspapers serving areas where calculators were designed or produced have worked well for some.

For calculating machines and slide rules also try antique stores and antique malls. Cheap with low effort: Scan non-HP groups - like every forsale group you have access to. HP's are advertised there by people who aren't aware of the HP and handhelds groups and prices tend to be more reasonable.

Dejanews makes this easy. This is the source of many calculators sold on eBay. Some people post in every forsale group to which they have access. Readers in these non-HP, groups will often have an old calculator lying around which they consider old junk.

Many of the calculators sold in the HP groups and in online auctions were purchased for peanuts in this way.

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There is a risk: Access off-internet forums on services like AOL and Compuserve. Put those free-trial disks to good use. Many of the readers there don't venture out onto the net and haven't seen eBay prices. Try to find friends of friends who used to work for HP. One ex-HP employee threw an HPC anyway in because he didn't realize that someone might want it.

Many old calculators are free for the asking!

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As ofcheap calculators are still readily available. Advertise in the Museum Classified Ads. Scan the newsgroups comp. Moderate To Ultra Expensive: Be cautious with auctions especially on the net.

Sometimes prices stay reasonable but other times items have sold for many times what they could be purchased for elsewhere.Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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sells a variety of different electronic products and accessories. The Company offers computers, computer peripheral equipment, computer software, calculators. Aug 21,  · HP spent $ million to open a Singapore plant to produce microchips used in its inkjet printer cartridges worldwide.

Sources said that supervisors at HP's Singapore operations started speaking to affected employees Monday. All laptop we received go through a rigourous test to make sure that all its parts are fully functional.

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Most laptop are refurbished and put back in the market. Joseph M. from Sacramento, Ca just sold an HP Pavilion dv Laptop for $ Thomas G.

from Amarillo, TX just sold an Acer Aspire Laptop . Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore is the upstream company of the Singapore Petrochemical Complex and supplies high quality ethylene, propylene, acetylene, butadiene, 1-butene, MTBE & benzene and produces toluene and xylene.

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Singapore Biennale is an international contemporary art exhibition featuring artists from East, South and Southeast Asia.

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