Effects of mass media thesis

Effects of Media on Society The media plays a big role in society that has both positive and negative effects. Yet, some wonder if the negative effects trump the positive ones. It is true people want to know what is going on in the world around them from their neighborhood to state, federal and international interests. But the media may have more of an effect on society that many are tired to being reminded of on a daily basis.

Effects of mass media thesis

Through the mass media, people readily access screen violence that largely affects its embodiment in real life. This survey seeks to investigate the relationship that exists between screen violence and real life violence. We'll write an from scratch according to your instructions! Namely, an opinion exists that violent content makes the viewers non-sensitive towards instances of this nature in real-life situations.

Moreover, media speculate on this type of content whereas the more violent events are shown on the TV channel or other media, the broader audience is about to watch them.

On the other hand, the opponents of the aforementioned perspective tend to disprove such claims. Specifically, they state that violent behavior comprehended by audiences through the prism of media dimension can entice ignorance or, conversely, excessive violence manifestations only in cases when viewers have such aggressive signs of behavior as a constituent of their temper.

In this regard, it is necessary to provide clarifications on these controversies in positions. As a result, there is a need to conduct an appropriate research on the topic.

Hypothesis The hypothesis to be developed can be stated as follows: Obviously, people watching more screen violent content are more indifferent to real-life immoral events, whereas individuals watching less screen violence are more emphatic. Method The centerpiece of methodology of the inquiry is a survey developed on the basis of a Likert scale.

To derive essential information for use in this survey, questionnaires were produced Effects of mass media thesis issued to 30 respondents. The respondents were students of New England College Henniker, New Hampshirewhich included 17 participants, and California College of the Arts, comprising 13 informants.

The respondents arrived at a specific choice after considering a number of factors. It was essential to take into account the age bracket of the respondents, as well as their demographic variance with regard to social class, gender, religion and ethnicity.

The target population was mainly composed of youths aged between 18 and 30 years. This age bracket includes inquisitive youths with high level of exposure to the mass media. A range of questions was developed to investigate the main idea of mass media effects. The independent variable in this survey is screen violence while the dependent variable is the real-life violence perception.

The questionnaire also asked about the level to which screen violence influenced the level of security in society. Moreover, it examined their emotional response to the screen violence, and the influence that it had on their reactions to confrontations.

At the end, the respondents were given an opportunity to provide their overall comment on screen violence. Research Plan and Sample Due to the fact that the Internet is overwhelmed with a variety of unedifying content, and young individuals are the most frequent users of this tool, the sample involved youth as a vulnerable population group to be explored.

The participants of the research had been recruited online through Facebook college groups and asked to take part in the study via emails.

Findings The questionnaires are structured in a manner that provides for the indication of various demographical information about the respondents, including age, gender and ethnicity. All students surveyed were between 18 and 30 years old. The students were classified as high consumers of mass media content due to their level of exposure and use of mass media.

They believed in the objectivity of the mass media based on the perception that the media contents are aired after a critical verification of facts. The students were given questionnaires with Likert scale statements regarding their personal perceptions of screen violence on the mass media.

The respondents were asked to indicate their perceptions on screen violence on a scale of 1 to 5. While responding to the questions, choosing the first one indicated that the respondents completely agreed with the statement and choosing the fifth one meant that they completely disagreed with the statement.

The statements were as follows: This percentage was mainly comprised of the respondents aged above 21 years. The percentages indicated in the response track do not show any trends based on gender disparities.

Do you trust the sources of mass media contents?

Effects of mass media thesis

Do you often become emotional after viewing screen violence? Have you ever been influenced by the perceived screen violence when reacting to a confrontation? Should the screen violence be maintained as part of mass media content?

Does the screen violence help in shaping societal order? Most consumers of the mass media fail to question the reliability of the sources of the media contents.

Effects of mass media thesis

Analysis The questions were formulated to help in understanding the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables. Based on the responses given by the students, it is possible to understand how screen violence influences real life situations.

It is evident that screen violence does not help in avoiding real life vehemence.Mass media has a huge number of functions, and, therefore, the aspects of influence. For example, there are some “direct aspects”, which are connected with the main function of mass media that is an information transfer, for instance, entertaining, informative, and educational functions, etc.

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