Battle of the alamo essay

Pin16 53 Shares The Alamo is one of the most well known monuments in the state of Texas and has a very interesting history and battle associated with it. It has long been an attraction for people to visit as tourists. The Alamo, which is now the location of a museum is located in San Antonio. Built by the Spanish The Alamo was built by the Spanish Empire in and was originally made up of a sanctuary and the surrounding buildings.

Battle of the alamo essay

Many Canadians live there. Indicate the boundaries on the map of Maine Divide them into disproportionate groups, and have them stand on different sides of the classroom.

In a class of twenty-five, for example, there should be two "Canadians," twelve "Americans," and eleven "Undecideds. You should select particular students to portray the "Canadians.

Let them know you expect them to "Fight for Canada! Simple yes or no answers are not permitted: Should the United States give Maine to Canada? Why or why not?

Does Canada have the right to take Maine? Instruct the "American" and "Undecided" groups to take their seats, and let the "Canadians" pick a place in the room to sit together.

The "Undecided" group will play the Mind Battle, but their scores will only count later once they are assigned a side. Students may work together within their groups. Five minutes is sufficient time for all to finish. Set up an area for each group to stack their papers.

Tally the answers, and determine the winner based upon the side that has the most correct papers which will be the "Americans," since they have the most people in their group.

Battle of the alamo essay

Announce that Maine will continue to be part of the United States of America, and ask the "Canadians" to return to their seats. As the information unfolds, students will immediately understand the relationship between the simulation Canadians seizing Maine and what actually happened Americans seizing Mexican Texas.

Take time to review this, including the differences between the two situations. Continue with the history, and describe the later Battle at San Jacinto, where the Texan Army of approximately volunteers, led by Sam Houston, attacked the sleeping Mexicans with shouts of "Remember the Alamo!

They are also "Canadians"! Because of this, their scores are added to the original Canadian score, and Maine suddenly becomes a part of Canada. Hold up the placard and ask the newly identified group to shout the words, "Remember the Mind Battle! The additional Mind Battle points surprised the "Americans," and in return they were forced to surrender Maine.

Ask for opinions about which side was right. Inform the class that they may not have enough information to decide this point. Day Two Today you will concentrate on primary documents that will add to student understanding about why Texans wanted independence from Mexico.

Group students in pairs. Have each pair focus on one of the grievances in the Texas Declaration of Independence. There are thirteen grievances. As a large group, summarize the information on the board or overhead projector, and discuss the complaints by the Texans.

Pass out copies of William B. Examine these letters, then select one to respond to, as if you were the real recipient.

The response is a good homework assignment. There are two final primary documents: Select sections, examine and discuss.At twenty yards the Texans gave one concentrated volley and charged with battle cries of “Remember the Alamo and Remember Goliad.” In brutal hand to hand combat the Texans decimated the Mexican army with rifle butt, bayonet, and knife.

The battle of the Alamo occurred in the 19th century between Mexico and rebel Texas forces at the time of the Texas Revolution. It occurred at the Alamo. Photo Essay: Commemoration marked the st anniversary of the siege and battle of the Alamo.

The anniversary was commemorated with thirteen days of interactive living history. John Wayne’s epic The Alamo, released in , was the largest movie about the battle to date, and provided a generation of Americans with a passionate, but historically inaccurate, version of the Alamo .

The Battle of the Alamo would not have happened without the little cannon that started it all. The Battle of Gonzales served as a prelude to the grand Battle of the Alamo.

In , the Mexican government allowed the people of Gonzales to the use iron cannon as defense against Indian attacks.

alamo, battle of the alamo, battle of the. The siege and the final assault on the Alamo in constitute the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history. The battle was conspicuous for the large .

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