Automat edward hopper essay

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Automat edward hopper essay

Perception will be discussed from the viewpoint of the reader and observer Automat edward hopper essay the poems and paintings. Hopper paints a gloomy image in which the viewer potentially sees themselves.

The image guides the viewer to understand their regrets in life and not to be upset by them because they are not the only person who has problems; everyone has problems.

The woman sits alone drinking a cup of coffee.

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She still has her coat and hat on and is fixated on her coffee cup. She does not look comfortable; it looks like she left in a rush.

Automat edward hopper essay

The hat and coat do not match, she is wearing what looks like best clothes; the coat has fur round the neck but the hat is yellow and not as posh as the coat. A woman of her standard would not leave the house not matching her clothes. Hopper has painted this woman from this position so that the viewer can create their own perception of the lonely woman.

The viewer decides why the woman is alone, whether she has had an argument with someone or if she has lost someone close to her. Hopper has painted this woman indicating a vast amount of empty space, the woman is sitting alone the empty chair in front of her is important, it is almost as if she is waiting for someone to join her but they have not come.

The woman would not look as lonely if the chair was not there. The lights in window are for the viewer to realise what they are.


Are they there or not? They are inside but the way Hopper has painted them makes them look like the lead outside leading to happiness but the woman has her back to them. Hopper is playing tricks with the viewer; he is asking the viewer to think about different ways to look at things.

Hopper has used the emptiness to enhance the tension of the painting. The perception of this painting is up to the viewer, the obvious reading of this painting is a woman sitting alone drinking a coffee.

Hopper has treated perception in a dark and gloomy approach; the woman has not been painted in bright colours to represent her loneliness.

Hopper wants the reader to use their own imagination to create a reading of the painting. Hopper has painted what he saw but there is a deeper perception of this painting that Hopper wants the viewer to grasp. The viewer sympathises with the woman and asks themselves questions wondering why she is on her own.

The woman is alone with her thoughts and Hopper and the viewer is intruding on this alone time. Overall Hopper treats perception in this photo through loneliness, a key theme in Hoppers paintings. Hopper focuses on the woman and there being no one around her emphasises the loneliness of the woman.

If there were lots of people and conversation she would not seem as lonely. This is so the viewer can feel good within themselves that they are not as lonely as the women.

Hopper paints what is in front of him however the perception may be completely different. For example, the woman has something on her mind and the perception of the painting is sad due to the subtle parts of the painting such as the lack of reflection in the window.

Hopper is concerned with the perception of the painting rather than how beautiful the painting is.Nighthawks is a painting by Edward Hopper that portrays people sitting in a downtown diner late at night.

Automat edward hopper essay

It is Hopper's most famous work and is one of the most recognizable paintings in American art. Within months of its completion, it was sold to the Art Institute of Chicago for $3,, and has remained there ever since. The movie has an important place in American history—and the history of LIF. Henry Lawson, Distinctively Visual Essay Sample.

‘Automat’ by Edward Hopper shows visual techniques in a similar way to ‘Joe Wilson’s Courtship’ in order to convey the expectations that society has on social status, resulting in .

Essay on How Artists/Writers Treat Perception: Using Edward Hopper's Painting 'Compartment C, Car ',' Rooms by the Sea', and 'Automat' as Examples.

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