16 candles and a ballot

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16 candles and a ballot

The work on Stellas went very well and she sold right out. I am planning one for the end of January. Stella will be offered in my custom resin color, Winter Blush. Fullset dolls will come with a special limited edition outfit and handmade shoes especially for her.

I have been working on some designs for outfits and dress sets for our special girl. Each outfit is carefully designed, sewn and hand dyed by me and then finished with all those tiny little details my collectors have grown to love and expect from me.

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I will generally spend about 5 days making an outfit as I like to do the basic sewing and then let it sit a bit until I find just the perfect finishing touches, dying ribbons, making buttons etc…. You can find all kinds of goodies in my Etsy shop as they are available.

Each stray kitty is sculpted by me in studio and no molds have been created of him. He has so far been released in my Etsy shop in 2 different poses and I hope to add a new pose each month as time permits.

He is the perfect size for MSD 16 inch dolls. Do you have room for an adorable, loving stray in your home? Fantasy colors, great for your mermaids, trolls or fun loving dollies. ALSO new for the shop are fur pieces cut specifically for making your own Stella wigs.

These pieces come in a variety of different colors and will come with the pattern I designed and use for Stella. Easy to sew with just one seam.

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You can sew it either on a machine or by hand. The problem is that Mexican post is very slow and not always reliable as far as actually delivering.

16 candles and a ballot

I find that the postal service is great for inexpensive items like and they generally arrive anywhere in weeks. I am not comfortable using the service for shipping dolls.

I address each order and prepay shipping using USPS and then put them all into a big box together which gets shipped to my courier in California thanks Christopher. Once the box arrives in California all the parcels inside are taken to USPS and shipped on to you the collector.

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Vincent Funeral Home is a fourth generation, family owned and operated funeral home that has been serving the families of the Farmington Valley with compassion, integrity and exceptional personal service, for over a century. Just a note to catch you all up on the past Stella preorder in Winter Blush that ended in February.

About 2 weeks ago I received My order from the casting house but sadly there was a huge mistake and they sent all the wrong color resin.

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